World Sagas

World Sagas is a project in the making. It started in Barbados and stayed there. Its a fun set of real and imagined stories all based on folklore and fact.  See this on our PersonaHolidays site at


We will be moving all to Lifestyle in the future.

WorldSagas 1- Barbados

WorldSagas 2 – Amerindians Dream of the Turtle

WorldSagas 3 – Nyala and the Slave Ships 4 Rebellion (Bussa)

WorldSagas 5 – After Emancipation

WorldSagas 6 – Modern Life in a Fishing Village Bathsheba

WorldSagas 6i -Banana Bust

WorldSagas 6ii – Caught for Possession, Ace Looks for Cash!

WorldSaga 6ii – Yeamans Story of Love and Murder

WorldSagas 7 -Cherry Avenue Rum Shop