LifeStyles Of The Artisan is an intentional project. The project began in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada and in the Caribbean island of Barbados; those are our main destinations to start. You will find a smattering of other countries as we travel to learn and discover new people and cultures. We are reaching out to photojournalist, video-journalists and local filmmakers with roots in destinations of interest all over the world.

The aim is to provide a platform for collaboration where content owners can reach out to destination and provide them with stories of their region, covering people, places, events and lifestyles that are special.

Content Providers may contact us to join the network and be called on to build and publish content for destination authorities and marketing agencies.

Destination marketers, hotels and tourism operators can contact us to advertise, subscribe and have their content created and approved for publication. approved Content will be syndication through the growing network of lifestylesoftheartisan social site, blogs, magazines, portals, TV and digital media channels.