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Lifestyles of the Artisan New Tourism IPTV Channel Launched

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Lifestyles of The Artisan is a new Internet TV platform for destinations. It allows them to showcase their people’s lifestyles and culture. Unlike Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous, Lifestyles of The Artisan (LOFA) features the artists, craftspeople and the artisan in tourism destinations.

These are the real people who create the destination experience; the rich and famous do not. It is not about luxury lifestyles and expensive homes, but rather, about the ordinary and extraordinary people one meets daily while on holiday. is distinct. Plans are underway to syndicate this across IPTV channels including in-room channels serving hotel and accommodation guests worldwide.

Travellers love to learn about culture and heritage and will make an effort to visit the characters, vendors and artisans they hear about, find on the internet and on websites or see on TV.


Similar to the traditional “Visitors Channels”, now popular in tourism destinations, videos and documentaries have great appeal to tourists who may already be in the destination or thinking of visiting. To be frank, we believe that travellers are actually more interested in seeing the lifestyles and culture of the place they are visiting than listening to what other travellers have to say. Travellers want to discover for themselves – to experience something that is different and to meet fascinating personalities doing interesting things.

Lifestyles of the Artisan New Tourism IPTV Channel Launched

Now local travel communities can highlight the latest videos of the artisans who are characters and personalities in the community.  Lifestyles of the Artisans will show unique videos from the most fascinating cultures around the globe..  The in-room experience will of course be geared to specific locations in each destination. They can represent and tell stories of an entire region, an island a city a state, a province or a village.


Barbados has embraced the idea and is now running its own It is fed directly from the LOTA main channel. Other destinations are welcome to come on-board.


LOTA offers destinations a new international marketing opportunity for their location and can help in creating the content with an international team of travelling photographers and video journalists. We are particularly interested in World Heritage Destinations with interesting culture and diversity.

Instagram by Ian R Clayton – Lifestyles