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We start of this section with Barbados World Champion Freediver Alex Davis. Alex found his passion for the ocean and diving was elevated in Barbados, because, as he says, it’s just so accessible. You and walk into the ocean from any side of the island and have something great to see. In the Alex video he goes on to explain our dolphin reflex and the power of positive – Watch the entire series for divers wisdom and adventures.



Halifax Nova Scotia

A unique lifestyle on the ocean. Halifax combines seafaring and fishing life with villages, towns with the great outdoors and people who love life. They prioritize work and play in a different way and mix both with a special flare.

Halifax has many unique village like areas including the historic Hydrostone neighborhood voted one of the best places to live in Canada. – see

It is the main town and business center of Nova Scotia with a large number of attractive and district town and villages around it.


Meet the artisnas of Barbados and see them at work and play.

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